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1. Principle

Double Channel Reception Front-end Principle

As above picture, the module consists of two same channels. The RF signal of 6 GHz ~18GHz will enter the SDLVA via amplifier, switch, digital attenuator and filter, which transform the large dynamic power signal into linear video frequency signal output.

2. In/Out Connector

2.1 RF Input Connector: HJG plug (X1, X2)
2.2 Video Frequency Output, Power Supply and Control Connector: DC-37P (X3)

3. Technical Specification

3.1 Input Signal Frequency Range: 6GHz ~ 18GHz
3.2 Input Signal Power Range: -50dBm~-5dBm (The attenuation is 20dB when the power is more than -10dBm , External Control)
3.3 Video Frequency Signal Output Feature: (X1, X2 Input)
3.3.1 Pulse Repeat Frequency Operating Range: 100Hz ~ 500KHz
3.3.2 Pulse Width: 0.1~200uS

4. Input VSWR: 2.5:1 Max.

5. Video Frequency Signal Output Feature(X1, X2 input)
5.1 Amplitude: 0.15V~3V
5.2 Dynamic Range: Superior to 45dB
5.3 Log Slope(50Ω): 50mV±10mV/dB
5.4 Logarithmic Accuracy: ±2.5dB Max.
5.5 Video Frequency Output Basic Noise: 200mV Max.
5.6 Temp. Drift(Basic Noise Fluctuation under High or Low Temp.): 100mV Max.
5.7 Pulse Rise Time: 50nS Max. (Normal Temp.)
5.8 Pulse Recovery Time: 100nS Max. (Normal Temp.)

6. X1~X2 Channel Consistency: 3dB Max.

7. Dimensions(mm): 130x150x20 (not include RF connector)

8. Weight: 800g Max.


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